Get a 15% discount on all products of TM "Wieberr"

Dear customer, the supplier of the Wieberr trademark in Ukraine – the company NPP ArtChem LLC, is glad to meet you and to deepen it, invites you to fill out the Questionnaire, which will help us better understand your needs and, possibly, offer you a discount as a client that meets the criteria receiving a discount.

To receive a discount, you need to follow the link to the page for filling out the Questionnaire, fill it out and, after sending it, notify the manager about sending the Questionnaire by phone +380674003366. Each profile is checked manually, perhaps the manager will have additional questions and he will call you back.

After checking, the manager will notify you that the discount is open!

From the moment of sending the notification, within three calendar days, you will be able to place an order with a 15% discount on any number of available products of TM “Wieberr” through the manager of LLC NPP “ArtChem”.

This discount is provided only once!

After three days, the first customer’s discount will expire. If, based on the results of meeting you, we can offer a permanent discount or a discount tied to the volume of purchases per quarter, the manager will additionally contact you and discuss such an opportunity.