Discount – 20%

We hasten to congratulate the buyers of TM Wieberr chemistry for cleaning upholstered furniture and washing carpets, almost all of 2021, for all products of TM Wieberr in Ukraine, there is a Promotion!

During the action, each customer can get a 20% discount on their next purchase for placing their own advertising! And it’s easy to do!

Instructions in a few steps:

Use the previously purchased products of TM Wieberr in the process of work!

Take a photo or video of how well you are doing your job, make sure that the packaging of Wieberr products is in the frame so that the logo and product name are clearly visible.
Post your photo on the company page on social networks, on your Facebook, Instagram, in professional communities, and so on.

Send a link to the location to the manager of the Helpix center you are working with for verification. Please note that if the publication is in a professional community, then you need to add our manager to this community.

After checking your publication, the manager will open you a -20% discount for three calendar days for the purchase of any Wieberr TM products in Ukraine in any quantity!

In terms of obtaining a discount, the Promotion is valid until December 24, 2021 inclusive! The promotion applies only to products that are available from the supplier. Discounts may be refused without explanation.