Seat Cleaner pre-spray

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Neutral pre-wetting agent for waterproof carpets, carpets and upholstery. Softens stain and dirt to make it easier to remove. Has antibacterial activity.



Release form

Liquid, concentrate for preparation of a washing solution.



Neutral pre-wetting agent. Designed for pre-wetting waterproof carpets, carpets and upholstery. Softens dirt and makes it easier to remove. The product is active against most stains (fats, oils, drinks) and typical dirt (sweat deposits, dust, soil). Contains cationic surfactants and has antibacterial activity.


Solution preparation:

The concentrate is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10-1:20. For local stain removal, prepare a 1: 3 solution.



Seat Cleaner is applied to the surface and spread over the fiber with a brush of suitable hardness. 

For upholstery – 100-300 ml / m2 surface, for carpets and carpets 150-500 ml / m2 surface. 

When using electric brushes to distribute the cleaning solution along the fiber, the minimum amount of solution is 20 ml / m2 of surface.

The solution is kept on the surface for 5-15 minutes. Then it is recommended to rinse with an Acid Cleaner solution using an extractor.

Allow the solution to dry before rinsing.


Precautionary measures:

The product contains acid, do not allow contact with marble surfaces, when working near such surfaces, take measures to carefully protect them. 

Before use, it is necessary to test the color fastness of the surface to be cleaned. Use personal protective equipment. 

In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical advice. 

If swallowed, rinse mouth, drink plenty of water, and seek medical advice immediately. Keep out of the reach of children.


Storage conditions: store in a tightly closed container at a temperature of 5 ° C to 40 ° C in an upright position away from sources of heat, open flame, sunlight.


Composition: prepared water, nSAS 5-15%, kSAS <5%, preservative, flavor.

pH of the concentrate: 6.5.

pH of solution: 7.

Additional information


1l, 20l, 5l

3 reviews for Seat Cleaner pre-spray

  1. argumentcleaning

    Хорошо подходит для чистки потолков авто, бильярдных столов и так далее. Вообще – редки и очень нужный представитель нейтральных пре-спреев. Вошел в выездной набор на постоянной основе.

  2. Валентин Пашко Fresh house

    Нейтральное по рН средство для предварительного смачивания. Используем для белковых волокон (шерсти,например),а также двухосновных обивках ( типа искусственной замши, флока и т.п.). Заменили им более дорогостоящее средство в арсенале.

  3. Валентин Пашко

    Нейтральное по рН средство.
    Отлично подходит для предварительного смачивания двухосновных тканей,которые боятся высокощелочных средств,растворителей,энзимов, для белковых волокон.
    Заменили им более дорогой аналог в арсенале.

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