December 2021


When new brands offer furniture and carpet cleaners, a typical situation arises – it is difficult for buyers to make a choice, it is difficult to navigate the product line, which often consists of several dozen items.

Wieberr TM furniture and carpet cleaners, which began to conquer the Ukrainian market in 2019, are no exception to this rule.

As a result, managers were forced to regularly speak, write, or otherwise tell customers which dry cleaning kit they needed to buy. This article is written to simplify the counseling process.

Furniture and carpet cleaners: starter kit

As a rule, the way of dry cleaning begins with the purchase of a conditional “minimum required set”. This is a kit that allows you to cover the maximum number of needs for furniture cleaners, but includes only widely used and fairly versatile tools. Of course, we assume that this is the most common type of cleaning – extraction.

Typically, this kit includes the following types of cleaners:

  • pre-wetting agents – pre-sprays;

They are used for pre-soaking dirt. As a rule, such a tool is included in the very starting set, and it is an enzyme-containing alkaline pre-spray. The solution of such a tool is sprayed on trampled tracks or very dirty carpets, sofas are treated before cleaning, and in high concentrations are used as a means to remove stains.

Wieberr’s line of furniture and carpet cleaners includes Enzime Hard Clean.

  • alkaline agent for basic cleaning;

How alkaline such a cleaning agent depends on the preferences of each craftsman or school, but it is usually a product that provides the ability to clean with medium aggressiveness at pH 8-10. Solutions of some of these products, of course, do not need to be washed off, because they do not contain aggressive components, of course, there are a lot of caveats.

In the Wieberr line in Ukraine, there are two products for alkaline extraction cleaning – powder composition Extract Powder Biosolv and liquid Extrakt 10. Preparations are optimized for work with a vacuum cleaner, give little foam, clean textile surfaces well.

  • alkaline stain remover;

Stain removal is one of the main tasks of dry cleaning. General cleaning agents for furniture and carpets are typically only effective for fresh stains that are not yet firmly attached to the fiber, and not all. Many stains have a high resistance to cleaning, to remove them requires more aggressive drugs, and the first in this series are alkaline stain removers.

It is not necessary to process large areas with such chemicals, but to apply locally and then guarantee to wash well aggressive components from the fabric or carpet – is quite acceptable.

A good example of such a stain remover is Skaria Cleaner.

  • solvent-based stain remover;

It is clear that the spots are different, and the above-mentioned alkaline stain remover copes with only some of them. In addition, there are different materials to work with and the greasy stain on the hair can not be removed with alkali – wool can not stand. Therefore, solvent-based preparations are used to remove stains from paints, varnishes, chewing gum, and rubber glue. They, solvents, are also different, but the set of cleaners for furniture and carpets, in the first place should include a liquid agent for removing stains on terpenes.

In the Wieberr line, it is a Grease Eliminator stain remover. This drug is one of the most successful means of removing stains in this group in general.

  • acid rinse aid.

Alkaline pre-spray, alkaline cleaning, alkaline stain remover – all this is needed to clean as effectively as possible, but the alkaline environment is aggressive to most materials used in the construction of furniture and carpets, so after cleaning, it is desirable to wash and neutralize aggressive components. It is for the purpose of neutralizing alkali, washing away the remnants of aggressive detergents, as well as for cleaning delicate materials and acidic products.

Acid Cleaner is one of Wieberr’s furniture and carpet cleaners.

Furniture and carpet cleaners: an expanded set

Of course, experienced cleaner masters want more than a “starter set” of furniture and carpet cleaners. So many reasons – they often face “non-standard” tasks, they want to have a choice of tools for more selective work, they know how to use an advanced arsenal.

Wieberr’s line of furniture and carpet cleaners includes the following specialized products:

Proven well for cleaning particularly delicate coatings or products, such as pool tables, car ceilings, flocked coatings. The solutions have a neutral pH. It is applied in the form of a spray, washed off with an acid rinse aid.

Stain remover is suitable for cleaning mattresses, removing stubborn stains containing organic dyes – wine, tea, celery. The drug of choice for removing old blood stains. A small portion is prepared, which lasts only a few minutes.

  • stain remover to remove ballpoint pen stains Ink Remover;

It contains almost no solvents, its work is based on the effect of rinsing, active emulsification of the ballpoint pen paste. Aggressive to polyurethane and polyamide with prolonged exposure.

Due to the gel-like shape, it stays on the surface of the product, which increases the level of safety and control of cleaning. Great for removing gum, plasticine, oil, lubricants and other soluble stains.

Sometimes, good is technological, sometimes good is economic. Gum Remover is a means for economical removal of chewing gum stains from coatings on which it is permissible to drain the stain remover, for example – woven carpets.

If you want to remove paint with a minimum amount of odor in the process of removing stains, then this drug is the best option. This stain remover removes a wide range of stains from grease to paints, from varnishes to oils, from glue to sealant.

Here everything is simple – removes rust stains. Sometimes, it is used in the removal of metallic dyes.

An indispensable tool for suppressing foaming. It is desirable that such a tool is present in the set of cleaners for furniture and carpets in case you have to wash off the soap after self-washing by customers.

One of the typical tasks when cleaning furniture and carpets is to remove odors. Therefore, in the set of a real master there will always be at least one tool designed to remove the smell of urine, rot, smoke.

Sometimes it seems that the skin can be cleaned with anything, of course, this opinion is wrong. The use of specialized tools reduces the risk of side effects, such as peeling of the top layer of paint.

Sometimes, after cleaning, you need to give an extra smell to the newly cleaned sofa or carpet.

Approaches to the formation of a set of chemicals for cleaning furniture and carpets

It often happens that the master, choosing his chemistry, goes to extremes. It happens that the whole set is limited to one or two means for cleaning furniture and carpets, and sometimes the opposite – dozens of tools, many of which duplicate each other’s functions.

Of course, the second option is much better, because at the right time there will be something to pick from. But you have to carry a fairly large bag.

To facilitate transportation, drugs used in small quantities, we try to make in several packages, including small packages, 200 or 250 ml.

We try to offer products that are used in large quantities both in liquid form and in the form of powders. Powders weigh less and take up less space, which facilitates their transfer from object to object.

In particular:

Powder cleaners for furniture and carpets are presented in the line of the following drugs:

  • Extrakt Powder Biosolv – powder cleaner, sold in packs of 1 and 5 kg. A kilogram jar is very convenient for transportation, and a portion of one kilogram allows you to prepare more than 300 liters of working solution;
  • Enzime Hard Clean – powder pre-spray, sold in packs of 1 and 5 kg. From 1 kg you can prepare more than 65 liters of solution;
  • Cleaner Powder – powder, oxygen stain remover. Sold in packs of 1 kg. However, there are limited batches of 5 kg.
  • Hydra is a powder reducing agent. Sold in jars of 1 kilogram, this is enough to prepare about 30 liters of reductant solution.

Which set is the most suitable for your tasks? Whether you are a beginner or a professional cleaning master, carpet and furniture cleaning chemicals must be in your kit. Don’t wait up and choose the proper Wieberr product right now!
We also welcome you to join our community of professionals – consumers of detergents for furniture cleaning and carpet washing.

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